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Clan Information and Rules Empty Clan Information and Rules

Post  Akutagawa on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:42 pm

Clan RewindII! is currently a 4th level clan, based in Arcadia. Therefore, each and every member is entitled to one Messian Traesto a day. ^_^

The Clan Master

The Sub Masters
AKkin, AzureRise, Doooooooooom

Friendly Clans
-Revenant (Clan Master: Miyu')
-Rihatsu (Clan Master: Zerias)

Clan Rules and Expectations

1. Respect your fellow clan members and your fellow players. This will not only gain you respect as a player, but will benefit the entirety of the clan.

2. Be mature, and don't complain constantly about things. You have a brain to solve problems, use it.

3. (see rule #2) When asking for help with something, be reasonable with your requests, and offer to help them out in return. That way, both members benefit. Mutualism.

4. When asking questions, be polite, and don't badger people for answers.

5. (see rule #4) When people are asking questions, do your best to answer. If you can't answer, politely let the person know.

6. When planning a surprise for a clan member (i.e. special event, Birthday, or Just-Because), be sure to be careful, and make sure the clan member doesn't feel left out or ignored.

7. If you wish to leave the clan FOR ANY REASON, please first state your reasons for leaving to Akutagawa. That way, people will understand your reasons, thus making them not mad at you!

8. Have fun! Follow the rules, and you will be under your clan's full protection!

Disciplinary Procedures

1. When a rule is not followed, you will be warned once AND ONLY once. You will also be noted by Akutagawa.

2. If a second infraction occurs, you will be excommunicated, without warning.

For any clarifications, contact Akutagawa. Thanks!

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